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Hi Friends!

I have no idea know how you got here but I'm so incredibly happy you did! Who the hell knows what this little space of mine will entail but I hope that somewhere in the midst of the good, the bad and the ugly (and a shit ton of confusion) you'll be able to find a few things that keep you here longer than I expected you'd stay. I've lived away from home for 4 years to pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology at The University of Western Ontario. I graduated this June, began my transition back home, and will be starting Teachers College in September. This summer I began searching for teachers in Canada who have talked about their experiences before landing a job. I've desperately been on the search for some insight and have sadly fallen short. Don't get me wrong, I've found a great group of Teacher bloggers who I look up to but none of them have gone into depth about the beginning stages of their teaching journey (probably because most of them weren't blogging at that time). For this reason, I have decided to keep you guys updated on my adventures at the Faculty of Ed in hopes to connect with any of you who are interested in the teaching profession and to help share some valuable resources that I believe will be beneficial for new teachers like me! 

Although I have recently decided to include some of my upcoming teachers college adventures, I primarily started this blog because it is hard to discuss issues openly as a Sri Lankan Tamil without having angry aunties calling your parents telling them what a devil of a child they've created. Being back home after four years I have realized how tough it really can get. I love my parents and I'll always be grateful that they are quite lenient with me. But, I've also realized that not all of us have it that easy. If there is anything you should know about how it is to live in a brown household it is this:

A) The home phone gets roughly 1000 calls a day. If you are home you MUST pick up each and everyone of them. 

B) If you talk about your life on any public forum, you will be surrounded by grown ups telling you how you will never EVER get married because no one would ever want a girl who has aired out her dirty laundry for all the world to see. It is a disgrace to the family.

C) I could not give a rats ass about any of the above. 

D)  My parents are way too adorable and for this reason I have always found it my obligation to shield them from the endless amount of calls that would come pouring in once one of the brown aunties got their hands on this. After struggling with the idea of whether I should keep this space of mine public or private (my old url use to be Free of Time) , I've mustered up enough courage to take a more personal approach with this space. If you're someone I know and you've stumbled upon this blog tell Shanthi (my beautiful mother) I say hello and that I'm sorry for any and all calls she may get (love you mom).

So please, sit down. We may be strangers today but who knows what we will be tomorrow. 

Love always,