FALL-ing in Love

Looking for a quick little adventure or a cute date spot? Head on over to Whittamore's Farm! The place truly embodies all things Fall. You can go on a quick stroll or pick up some fresh pumpkins just in time for Halloween. My advice would be to head on over as early as possible, they open at 9AM and do get packed! I believe their entrance fee is $13 per person. But hey, Fall is too short and why not enjoy it right? Don't forget to hit up the market afterwards, you can get your hands on some fresh pies ;) 

Unfortunately, the Farm is closed during the winter months , so if you can't make it there in the next few days they do open again in May. Keep an eye out especially in June when you can start Strawberry picking! Am I getting ahead of myself? Sorry, I think my increasing love for Fall always makes me feel like I'm cheating on summer.

Love always, 


A 24 year old Canadian living (& teaching) in Shenzhen, China.