Goodbye, Thank-You, and Good Hello

Manually transferring my old content from Free of Time (my old little space via Weebly) has left me reminiscing about the days that lead up to me starting my blog. I'm sharing this here because a) I have a memory of a gold fish and will soon forget and b) I miss my roommate. I've wanted to start a blog since the first year of undergrad, but like all things in life I put it off. I'm not sure if it was the lack of inspiration or the fear of failing, but I always managed to find a hundred different reasons to convince myself that "now was not the time" and "I'll get around to it".

During my senior year of undergrad, my roommate and I were both talking about starting a blog. "For real this time" we kept telling ourselves. One night, during one of our heart to hearts, we both got a notebook and started to think about blog names, periodically stopping to check if the URLs we wanted were still available. I jokingly told her how my URL should be (to be totally honest, I still slightly regret not going through with that one). As we sat there brainstorming, I pulled out a card that was sticking out of my notebook. It was a Birthday card from my friend Judy.

It is no secret that Papyrus always includes a cute little blurb in their cards, explaining the magic of hummingbirds. I stopped to read it and INSTANTLY noticed the first line. 


Just earlier, my roommate and I were talking about the pressures we humans put on ourselves and how debilitating the concept of time can be. The phrase "Free of Time" was perfect. I've talked a little about this on an earlier post called "Timelines of Life".  It is clear that time is a reoccurring factor that has gotten the best of a lot of us. When I was thinking of taking a year off school I was made to feel like it was a bad idea, like taking a year off would be a waste of time. Even around me, I constantly witness the effects of time on the ways others are made to feel. I see happy, independent, thirty years olds freaking out about not being married not because they want to but because the people around them make them feel as if time is running out. I see aspiring doctor friends who are are made to feel like their social lives will be obsolete because they will be investing too much time into their education. It'd be pretty darn amazing if we could be free of time, wouldn't it? Reading that little blurb from Papyrus, felt like a tiny little message from the universe. That's when I knew, Free of Time would be the name of my blog. A few weeks later during a snow day at Western (sometime in February) ... I sat down to write my about page. That is when it all began. 

So why did I leave Free of Time ? I didn't want to leave Free of Time, but I did want to leave Weebly.When I was thinking of making a blog I found Wordpress WAYYYYY too overwhelming. All the default themes they offered had such big font sizes and I wasn't about to spend a shit ton of money only to get more flexibility with the tools I already had such difficulty using. I came to love Weebly's drag and drop function. I should have done more research before diving into it but after such a frustrating experience with Wordpress, Weebly felt like a god send. Sadly, after a few months I started to realize how limiting Weebly was. I knew that as time went on it, the lack of organization that Weebly provided would really bother me. Soon after, I stumbled upon Squarespace. I tried it out for two weeks and absoloutely fell in love with the platform, and haven't been able to let it go ever since. I could have gotten my old URL to transfer over but to be quite honest the process was starting to confuse me (lol) and I felt like a fresh start would be easier.  If it wasn't for Weebly's easy to use functions I don't think I would have EVER gotten around to starting a blog. For that reason, I'll always love Weebly and will recommend it as an option for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to get started. I won't go into detail about my experiences with all the different platforms I've tried out but if you are interested and want more info please feel free to message me. I'll be more than happy to share! 

In addition to sharing how and why I started blogging, I wanted to take this time to say thank-you for all the love thus far. From my roommate who helped kick this off, to all my friends I force to follow along, thank-you. I'm always in awe when I get messages from you sweet strangers too, and even more blown away when it's from across the world. No matter how small a community, a community is still a community. I hope to begin blogging about my teachers college adventures that are set to begin next month. I can't wait for you guys to follow along and to connect with other educators across the world. I encourage anyone who has always wanted to start something to go ahead and start. It's scary (trust me, I know) but who knows what might come of it. I'm no expert on any of this, but starting really was the hardest part. Start your something new, and see where it takes you. The minute it makes you unhappy, change it up. If it still doesn't feel right, stop. Take a break. Feel it out, and do you. Thank-you again, and welcome to OUR new space! 

A 24 year old Canadian living (& teaching) in Shenzhen, China.