Jay feat. Oden Von Sandhurst

Took the Canon out during a doggy date (between J & Oden of course) and took some quick shots of my two favourite boys! My biggest regret is not taking enough pictures of Oden as a puppy. Somehow, in the blink of an eye the lil guy turned 5 this year! Where have the years gone? 

Oden is a purebred German Shepherd from Summerview German Shepherds. The journey to find the perfect breeder may have been 5 years ago, but it honestly feels like yesterday when I was emailing every GSD breeder I could find asking for as much information as possible. My parents had no idea my brother and I were scheming behind their backs. As first time dog owners, we felt that bringing a puppy home from a reputable breeder would be the best option for a positive experience for the entire family. I hope to rescue dogs in the future, but I can whole heartedly say I trust Summerview German Shepherds with my life. When it comes to breeding German Shepherds, they absolutely know what they are doing. They are so committed to the well being of their dogs, and that is so evident the minute you talk to Rita and Jim, the heart and soul of Summerview. If any of you are seriously looking into bringing a German Shepherd home I encourage you to check out their website for litter schedules, breeder info, pictures, etc.  Thank-you Summerview from the bottom of my heart. Oden has been the perfect addition to the Krishna family. 

Anyways... enough of Oden. I'm sure you'll hear lots more about him. Maybe I'll blog about the days leading up to his arrival and how my parents had no idea we'd be bringing him home. Picking him up from the breeder as an entire family is still my favourite memory to date. Till then, be sure to check Oden's twitter. He sure is a sass machine.  

Btw, how cute is this parka that Jay is wearing! I was so surprised when I found it on sale at H&M for under $30. The perfect raincoat, I swear. I secretly wish it fit me. Here's the link if any of you want to snatch one while they're still available! 

Till next time, 


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