Summer to Fall Transitions

I think we can all agree that the transition into Fall (especially for those in Canada) is a confusing time. Mornings are chilly while afternoons have us feeling like we are right back in August. One of my favourite outfits during back to school is throwing a chunky oversized crew-neck on top of one of my dresses. When it starts getting chilly around October, I add a pair of stockings or knee high socks to the mix... sometimes even a jacket or a scarf. 

For my 9AM class the other day, I threw on my brother's crew neck (from The BearHug) over a black dress. By the time I got out of class at noon, the temperature was back up so I took off the crew neck (more like ripped it off) and was good to go. Later that night, I had dinner plans at Beer Bistro so I threw on some simple gold jewellery and the dress instantly went from super plain to a little more put together! 

PS - for all you mussel and beer lovers near Toronto , be sure to check out Beer Bistro

There is clearly a hundred different ways you can wear dresses and skirts, and a hundred more ways you can wear it in the Fall. Here are some of my Pinterest favourites that inspired me to dig through my summer wardrobe this year. I hope you get around to digging through yours, it's always a great feeling knowing you are getting more use out of your purchases. 

I use to always feel so guilty spending money on Summer clothes when we only get about 2 months of it. Even in summer I'm looking for pieces I can wear all year long.  What are some of your favourite summer + fall mixes? Let me know! x  


A 24 year old Canadian living (& teaching) in Shenzhen, China.