Four Years

I take a lot of pictures. Whether I'm on vacation, hanging out with friends, or kicking it back at home... I always have my camera on hand. One of my favorite things to do is going through my iCloud photos and reminiscing about all the little moments. It's easy to remember all the big things we've accomplished, and the pictures we spend time meticulously staging for the gram. But, the little things like the Tuesday morning Starbucks run with the fur brother, or the soul cleansing all-nighter with the bestie are long forgotten about over time. Just the other day, as my brother was putting up his computer monitor onto the wall, a tiny screw fell into the back of it. The chances of that happening was slim to none. No, seriously. It was the tiniest hole but somehow the screw still found its way in. We spent about 20 minutes trying to get the damn thing out. Laughing, sweating, crying. It was such a funny moment, only the two of us will ever truly understand. We'll remember it for the next little while, but soon we'll both forget.

When I look back at my time at Western, it's all the small moments that make me miss it the most. My nocturnal sleep schedule as a first year in Deli, stopping at my friend's res room while doing duty rounds, discovering the greatest topping combo at Pizza Pizza, heart to hearts at Chapters Indigo... the list can go on.

I've been trying to make a goal to blog more often. As some of you are aware, there are such big gaps of when I actually use this space. I've been meaning to make a goal for myself, but I wanted to make it realistic. Telling myself I would sit down and write at least once every week, sounds good in theory but probably will not happen. I know myself, and I know that this will be something I'll have to work on. What I do know is that I take a lot of pictures. Most of my blog ideas stem from the pictures I want to take, or the picture I've already taken. Instead of thinking about what to write and taking pictures to accompany my blog post, I've decided to try something different. I'm going to start using the pictures in my life to help gather inspiration and post more often. I'm not sure what I'll call this, or if it'll even have an official name, but I guess we can call it some sort of photo diary for now. By focusing less on my writing and more on the pictures I take, hopefully I will be more motivated to use this space and connect with all of you more consistently.

Today, I've chosen to share a picture I took from yesterday after a Works date with Jay. We talked about all that we've done together in the last four years and where we hope to be by the next four. I can't believe we've been together for that long.

During my third year of university (two years into our relationship), I remember being extremely depressed and constantly anxious. I don't think I've ever admitted that to many people. As a residence Don, I felt that I had a duty to keep it together for those around me. It wasn't until the summer before fourth year that I took the step to seek professional help. I was so anxious and depressed that it definitely affected how I was treating Jay and how present I was in our relationship. Of course the anxiety still creeps up from time to time,  but I'm a lot more comfortable sharing my mental health. It feels good to be at a place where I feel confident enough to talk about my past and help those in my circle who are going through something similar. Just the other day, a friend messaged me saying that her boyfriend sat down with her and came up with a game plan for when her anxiety becomes unbearable. It's amazing to see how people have opened up to me and all the meaningful conversations that have since come up. Looking at this picture, I feel the need not only to thank Jay but every other person who has stood by a loved one through all the lows of life. It's hard and overwhelming, and we are grateful for your patience even if we only remind you every 4 years.

Vol. 1 | 05.19.2016

Vol. 1 | 05.19.2016

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