Club Monaco's Mini Market

I had a few people ask me how I liked the Club Monaco market after my little visit there last weekend! I thought I'd do a super quick post about it for those who have been interested in heading on over. It was my first time at Club Monaco's flagship location on Bloor. It is no surprise that the aesthetics and design that come with every Club Monaco location is what makes shopping there so special. There was something extra special about the flagship location though. My bet is on all the nooks and crannies. It felt like I had walked into someone's house and had to enter different rooms in the house to experience the whole space. My favourite Club Monaco location I've been to so far has to be the one on Collins Avenue near South Beach Miami. Do you have a favourite Club Monaco location?

I'm a huge fan of Club Monaco, but whenever I try to shop there I can't help but feel like this: 

I dream of the day I'll be able to add some CM goodies into my wardrobe without shyly looking at the price tag of every item and quietly walking away. One day Nero, one day.

The market was a great pit stop, especially since it wasn't too busy when I got there. If there is one thing I hate, it's crowds!!! I hate maneuvering around people, and I always try to get in and out as fast as I can whenever I'm shopping (that's primarily why I'm not a very good shopping buddy and prefer shopping alone). I was a little surprised about how small the market was. For some reason I had envisioned it to be a lot bigger. If you're thinking about trekking it all the way to Bloor Street just for the market I'd probably think again. The "mini" in mini market really does mean mini, lol. The market is a great spot to purchase a few pick me up treats but there isn't much to do otherwise. If you're thinking about heading to Bloor St. make sure your day is jam packed with other stops so you're not disappointed.

I did buy myself a potted plant from Sweet Woodruff, a boutique Floral & Event Design company that is based out of Toronto. Fingers crossed I don't kill it! I've got my momma taking care of him, hopefully he'll make it through.

As I was heading out, I remembered someone from Instagram telling me to try a popsicle from The Pop Stand. If I remember correctly, I had the Peach Bourbon Iced Tea. It was a little too sour for my liking, but if you like fruity flavours I definitely recommend them! If there are any other summer stops you think I should make in the GTA area, please let me know in the comment section below.

The CM Mini Market runs until September 3rd! Hopefully you find some time to stop by and try a popsicle ... or two!

Happy Summer Vibes,

Nero Xx

[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Products purchased by me. Everything written is my own opinion.]

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