23 Things I Have Learned In 23 Years

1. September is the greatest month because all the best TV shows come back.

2. My dad is the hardest working man I know. No one else will ever invest 6 months of their life (after work + weekends) to literally build a house for me.

3. My mom will always be #1 on my phone’s favourites list. Checking in with her randomly throughout the day is a type of comfort I have not been able to find anywhere else.


4. Minimalist clothing is the way to go & less is totally more. Colours like white, grey, and black are perfect wardrobe pieces that can be worn year long.

5. Dresses >  pants, tights, and shorts. Always.

6. Finding grey fur for the very first on your dog is both adorable and heartbreaking all at once.

7. At the end of the day, all anyone is searching for is ... happiness.

8. Home is where Shanthi is.

9. It feels good when you hear your name. Whether it’s a stranger or a friend, it’s nice hearing someone else say your name.

10. Nothing makes you feel fiercer than freshly done eyebrows.

11. Don’t trust anyone who hates dogs.

12. Smiling at strangers can literally open doors.

13. Apple over Samsung. Pinterest over everything. 

14. Being comfortable with you is the greatest gift you can give yourself. No one will care for your success as passionately as you will.

15. No matter how old you get, undercover nicknames will always be a thing.

16. People who look like they have their life together, most likely don’t.

17. Working in retail will increase your level of empathy in others.

18. Food tastes better when you have a tv show to accompany it.

19. Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut is the greatest chocolate on Earth.

20. Your best friends are those you can fart in front of without feeling embarrassed. 

21. There are two types of people. Those that organize their e-mails as they come in, and others who read the ones that are important and do nothing much else.

22. Grandparents are special kind of people and living with them is a privilege we often only realize after they're gone.

23. Things can be taken away from us as quickly as they're given. Yet, practicing gratitude is something we all naturally struggle with.

A 24 year old Canadian living (& teaching) in Shenzhen, China.