I was first introduced to zeroUV five or six years ago, by Carissa Alvarado.  She blogged about it on her old blog space (long before Wear I Am or Us The Duo were ever born). I instantly fell in love with how she was styling such trendy glasses that cost her only $10!

Some of you may prefer investing in more expensive sunnies, but I've come to learn that my cheaper pairs are the ones I reach for more often! I misplace things constantly, and feel more comfortable travelling with cheaper sunnies I can easily replace. 

Below, are some of my favourite zeroUV purchases to date. Two of my faves aren't picture below because I lost them... I told you I lose everything!!! My recent order consisted of two non-prescription glasses. If you search #zerouv (followed by the specific model number you like) over on Instagram, you'll be able to find how others are styling a specific pair! 

zeroUV sunglasses
zeroUV sunglasses
zeroUV sunglasses

WALLPAPER: Design Love Fest

My desktop is usually a hot mess, files and folders scattered all across my screen. To motivate myself to organize my laptop, I'm periodically looking for cute wallpapers that force me to clean up my online space. In a previous post I suggested checking Lauren Conrad, for all your wallpaper needs. Quite recently, however, I've fallen in love with a new blogger, Bri Emery, who is the founder of a lifestyle blog called Design Love Fest! I came across a Dress Your Tech series, a place where people from all around the world can submit their own designs. If chosen, their work is featured on this series, for readers like us to download! I stumbled upon a beautiful pink cactus capture by Nora, from NoGoPhoto! The cherry on top is that this picture was taken in Colombia!!! If you know me, you'll know how much I fell in love with that place, ever since my visit in 2015. I literally can't stop staring at my screen! If you want to see the full photo (trust me, you do), and download it for yourself, please visit DLF by clicking here. If you want to see more of Nora's work, you can visit her website here (she's also on Society6)! When my laptop is organized, it's a lot easier for me to stay on track and blog more frequently. You should try it sometime!

Design Love Fest: Dress Your Tech Series


I have a pretty big trip coming up (more on that soon...), and now I find myself eyeing down travel accessories every chance I get! I prefer not checking in my luggage, but I know it's not always possible nor practical to live out of a carry on. If you're on Instagram, you've probably heard of AWAY. There have been quite a lot of bloggers working with them who are featuring these bags on their feeds. Everyone seems to be raving about the built in charging ports and how effortless packing has become. Since I haven't personally used any AWAY products, I can't really comment on how well they hold up.  All I can really tell you is that they're on my wish list and I'm totally into hard shell suitcases these days!

Another hard shell option I've got my eye on is the Design Love Fest 20" Carry on Luggage from Target. Yes! The same DLF blog I mentioned above! Unfortunately, this luggage only comes in a blush pink option, and I'm pretty sure the bigger size is already sold out!


I'm so into stackable rings, I find myself obsessively pinning rings on Pinterest . I have super skinny fingers, and have a hard time finding rings that fit. I love my Alex and Ani Endless Knot expandable wire ring, especially cause it's so dainty! It's one of the only rings I haven't lost yet. I'm so over buying rings from random retail stores like Aldo- what a waste of $$$$! I think it's time to start investing in fine jewellery - pieces that I can keep for years. I've got my eye on a few from Mejuri and Lisa Leonard, you have to check them out! I never thought I'd be one of those people who would buy jewellery as a way to remember a specific time or moment, but it's true. I've totally become that person lol.

It's so wonderful seeing my mom tell stories of her past as she pulls out the jewellery she has so carefully tucked away.  I use to make fun of my mom for buying real gold. I mean you should see some of these Tamil Ammas and their jewellery collections! THEY ARE INTENSE. When my grandpa passed away, my grandma passed down her thalli (a gold necklace with coin- like pendants on it which signifies marriage in the Sri Lankan Hindu traditions) to my brother. It's the thicker looking necklace in the picture below. When my grandma passed away last year, she left each one of her daughters two gold bangles. It's crazy, when you think about it, how these simple pieces tell such wonderful stories. They give loved ones stories to hold on to, that eventually get passed on for generations. The same bangles I saw my grandma wear everyday are now my mom's most treasured pieces. 



If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me share a few screenshots of Dallas Clayton's work. I'm not sure if it's the teacher-in-me or how uplifting his work is (or all the yellow he uses), but I want to plaster his art in every corner of my classroom. I can honestly say that seeing his posts, boosts my mood instantaneously! There is so much wrong in the world, esp social media. Dallas Clayton is a reminder of all the beauty that exists in the online community. Add him now, @dallasclayton


Can there even be a new NK favourite's post without a mention of another LUSH product I've fallen in love with? I think not! On my last NK fav's post, I mentioned wanting to try the LUSH Ocean Salt. Well, let me just tell you that I did, and I finally understand what the hype was all about! It's definitely made my pores less visible, evened out my skin tone, and helped with my super dry legs I always neglect. Every spring, I start getting this dry spot on my face (there is probably a right word for this in the beauty world, but I'm a beauty noob so just bare with me)... and it's visibly helped decrease that too! If you've been looking for a new scrub, I definitely recommend this beauty!

Ocean Salt from Lush

Love always,

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